Time Management Training

time management training

Time management training seems an ideal answer when everyone is under pressure to do more and it keeps increasing.

Thanks to smart devices the average working day now extends from 7am - 7pm (although pay hasn't been increased accordingly!).

Many people feel overwhelmed by the amount of work they are expected to do on a regular basis.

Emails pile in with people expecting answers quickly and the thought of a mountain of emails can spoil the end of a holiday.

Distractions are everywhere - social media, phones, colleagues and noisy workplaces.

Having worked myself to exhaustion a number of years ago I set out to learn everything I could about working more efficiently and productively.

I am now working with people to share what I have learned and to help them avoid the same mistakes I did.

My time management training is geared to helping you be more productive, to help you stop feeling overwhelmed, out of control and busy. It is about helping you be efficient by working on the most important activities and therefore achieve much, much more in less time, because throwing more time at things is not the answer!

Guaranteed Time Management Training

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Be A Daily Hero with Inbox Zero

  • Stop feeling helpless and overwhelmed today

  • Take control of your inbox, your day & your mind

  • Guaranteed to help you gain 30 minutes per day

Emails now account for 20% of time in the average working day (more if you work in management or the public sector)

They are a constant source of pressure, interruption and distraction

  • This online course will show you how to easily take back control and minimise the impact of emails on your time and productivity

  • This course is based on tried and tested techniques used by me for 7 years and which I now use in my face to face training sessions

  • It comes with a full moneyback guarantee which is this simple;

If you do not feel the course was useful and worth it I will refund your money in full

(no small print, no conditions)

  • This course is not a system for managing emails ie. using folders.

  • Fully online with how to videos - total study time 1 hour.

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What People Said

These comments relate to my face to training which included the Daily Hero Inbox Zero module


Melanie's training has helped me realise the impact of emails on my day and my time


Single tasking was an eye opener for me - I couldn't believe how much I got done in such a short space of time


I have realised that I have spent a lot of time being busy but now I know how to be productive