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time management tools

Time management tools are all over the place and they keep coming - there always seems to be a new app!

In my early days of learning about time management and productivity I tried lots of different programs, apps, techniques and tools and of course read a heap of books on the subject.

Over time I realised that many apps in particular were just a different process to do something, rather than being a genuinely useful time management tool. To do lists are a great example.

My old to do lists used to be huge, long, disorganised and in the order that things came out of my head.

Then I found and tried lots of apps to help with to do lists and spent lots of time sorting all my tasks, organising them into categories, assigning them lovely colours and much more. By now I was spending quite a bit of time organising my list of things to do!

Apps were of course on my phone and checking my next task often led to some distraction as I read the latest text, email or social media message that had come through.

I had no idea which tasks were more important than others so I just worked through my tasks in whatever order I felt like, often getting delayed by working on something that was urgent that needed dealing with. This meant time to complete the tasks on my to do list was limited.

After 7 years of learning and experimenting with productivity what have I learned? Well lots as it turns out!

  • A long to do list is a huge source of pressure - knowing you have to do all those things is tiring in itself.

  • Lots of the things you can easily spend time on are not important so you need to work on the things that are.

  • Without allocating time to work on your most important tasks nothing will happen.

  • The benefit of an app to manage a to do list is outweighed by the time it takes to use and the distraction of it being on your phone.

I can't say it enough - without prioritising what your most important activities are no time management tool is going to help you. It may help you to get more done but what you achieve won't be the result you wanted.

In this article I have just talked about tools to help with to do lists but the theory applies to any time management tool youare looking at.

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