Time Management Techniques

time management techniques

Time management techniques are all over the place! A search on Google shows over 1 million results for this term.

However is time management possible?

Well of course in the literal sense it isn't - we cannot manufacture more time unless we choose to move through different time zones perhaps?

Personally I find the term time management difficult. It implies that if only you can find the right system, the right app or the right process everything will be OK. Time management can also be taken to mean that you find some way of fitting everything that you are doing into your time, without necessarily looking at how important or relevant those activities are.

I am an advocate of looking at time investment rather than time management. 

This requires you to work out what you want to achieve - what is most important to you.

Once you have done that focus your time and energy on the things that will help contribute to what you are trying to achieve and stop spending your time on those that don't.

As such I advocate time management techniques that help you to be more productive and to get more value from the time you have. I advocate time management tools that help you to be more efficient and to achieve more in less time.

So before you spend your time researching the latest time management technique ask yourself is that what you really need? If you need a little more inspiration and reading around the subject check out my blog articles below.

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