Time Management Skills

time management skills

Time management skills are something that, like any skill, can be learned and improved.

However I see two steps regularly missed by those I work with;

1. They do not understand fully and completely where their time goes now.

2. They have not prioritised what the most important activities are for them.

Multitasking is often cited as a fantastic time management skill. Sorry to burst your bubble but it is a really ineffective way to work. It is very tiring for your brain and can often lead to more mistakes, requiring the work to be done again. A study showed that multitasking had a worse effect on performance than smoking weed.

It is easy to think that we are reasonably efficient because we do something regularly like working. However, work is filled with distractions and obstructions to being productive. These can range from working in open plan or shared offices, meetings, emails and interruptions from colleagues. All of these things can mean we end up working hard and being very busy but not necessarily being productive.

Time management skills can be improved and there are plenty of ways to do this whether by taking some sort of time management training course or by reading up on the subject of time management generally. If you decide you need to brush up on your time management skills then that's great to hear, but my plea to you is not to miss out those two vital steps above.

Without taking these two steps you could become an ace at time management and still not achieve the things that are most important to you.

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